Duration : 5 Months

Video editing is the process of choosing the best raw footage for a movie. This includes removing unusable footage and stringing together what’s left into the best possible sequence. Unusable footage often includes footage where actors make mistakes, the camera angles weren’t just right or it doesn’t move the story forward somehow. During the video editing process, each scene should sequel into the next flawlessly.

Sound is another important part of video editing. For example, sound effect may be added to the movie at just the right times, in order to make it appear as if they were part of the original video. This can include sound effects like explosions or even simple footsteps. Background music is often added as well.

VFX is the art of combining computer-generated(CG) sequences with live-action footage to create scenes that can’t be filmed in real life. Using a combination of technical and artistic skills, alien landscapes, enormous crowd scenes or fire-breathing dragons can be brought to our screens.

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